First, verify that the communications template currently set as the confirmation email for the form is the one you'd like to use. Then, Go Live with the form to verify that the live form is connected to the correct template:
  1. Click Management in the menu
  2. Click DIY Forms
  3. Click Edit next to your page to open it
  4. Click Settings in the upper left hand corner
  5. In the Online Giving Settings section, verify that the correct template is selected in the Confirmation Email Template drop down menu. You can click the Preview link to view the email
  6. Click Update
  7. Click Save>Yes, Save My Draft
  8. Click Go Live>Yes, Go Live>Replace

If you complete the steps above and are still receiving an incorrect version of the confirmation email, it is likely that your browser's cache is causing the issue. The cache within the browser can cause it to load an older version of the form, even after you have clicked Go Live, and this can cause it to forward you an older version of the confirmation email as well.

For instructions on clearing your browser's cache, please see Section 2 in Changes made to DIY form are not appearing on live page.

After you have cleared the cache attempt running another test through the live page.