How to blank out field or mass delete data from a specific field in Sphere?

You imported wrong data into a wrong field and now you want to wipe them off. You can either edit the record one by one and remove the data manually or you can do a batch update and mass delete the data. Here are the steps on how to do a mass update and empty a field in Sphere.
Here is a scenario: Client want to remove data from the company name field of some of the records

1. Run a report in Sphere of all the records associate with the import/update
2. Make sure to display Supporter ID and the field(s) you want to blank out (Company Name) and then export the list into CSV
3. Once the export is completed, please remove all the data from the Company Name field for each of the records
4. Navigate to Control > Import Center > Click New Import
5. For Category, select Constituents Profile
6. For Template, select Individual
7. Click Next > Click Browse and select the import file from your computer
8. Click Next > Mark Supporter ID as the Identity Field and then Map the fields
Note: You only need to map Supporter ID and Company Name or what ever field(s) you are going to blank out
9. Click Next > Mark the box under 'Blank Default Value overwrites Sphere value'
10. Click Next and make sure to mark 'Update existing Sphere records'
11. Click Next > Type an Import Name > Click Finish


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