Error "Unable to Establish Connection to the WebServer. scGetList Function cancelled." when Importing Grants

When attempting to import grants, the error "Unable to Establish Connection to the WebServer. scGetList Function cancelled" can occur.
This can occur if the Progress certificates are not loaded correctly on the server. This issue can be discovered by looking in Event Viewer in the Windows Application log.When duplicating the issue in FIMS, go to Event Viewer and look at the application log for the time that the error occurred in FIMS. You will see an error in Event Viewer with this verbiage, "Secure Socket Layer (SSL) failure. error code. -54: self signed certificate in certificate chain: for c7e2a638.0 in C:\npo\dlc\certs (9318). You may see a different cert number listed in the error other than the one in this error message as well.

To resolve this, complete the following steps:

1. On server navigate to


2. Copy all of the certs listed there

3. Paste to this location:  


4. Test importing grants again in FIMS, note that the error will no longer occur.

Note: If you are on an older version of FIMS, there may be one cert that is not in the \npo\found\FIMS\Bin\ProgressCerts, c7e2a638.0. That cert can be given to you by FIMS support to be copied to your server. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Grants Module
2. Click on the Import Grants icon on the top which is a heart symbol with a blue "e" in the middle
3. See the error occur.



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