To add a new Requirement Type, users must bear in mind that Requirements count as Activities in GIFTS Online. With that, we advise taking the steps below:

1. From your GIFTS Online Dashboard, go to Admin tab > Click 'Classifications'
2. On the Classifications Tables screen, double-click 'Activity Type'
3. Click the arrow to the left of 'Grant Requirement' to expand this and reveal the list of fields containing the Type value you want to edit. 
4. Click either Grant Requirement or Payment Requirement to highlight the choice
5. To add a new value, go to Actions tab > Click 'New Sub'
    To edit a value, hover your cursor over the value in question and click the pencil icon
6. The Activity Type Classification (new) screen appears > The 'Code' field is OPTIONAL but the 'Description' field is REQUIRED as this is the new name of your Type > Once entered, click 'OK'
7. Back on the 'Classification - Activity Type' screen, click 'Save and Close' > This process adds the new type to your Requirement dropdown.