Payment Void did not Debit and Credit the same GL Accounts as the Original Payment

When a payment is voided in Accounts Payable, the cash accounts is changed from what the original payment was resulting in the General Ledger being off balance.
This issue is data specific and the solution will be based on a case by case basis. FIMS support will collect all relevant information for your specific example and will advise of the solution after review.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Accounts Payable\Payments
2. Find the payment in question to be voided and open it
3. Click on the Void payment button
4. After the void is processed note that the account listed on the left side under payment date which is the original account is different than the cash account listed on the line item for the void.
5. Go to Reports in General Ledger and run a Trial Balance and note that the General is off by the amount of the check for the original fund that the payment was issued from



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