When the user checks out the transaction record in the grid, the information contained in the teal box on the right will always be the current information on the linked Raiser's Edge record.  The data that shows on the left is the address information the donor input in the billing section when submitting the donation form.  What the donor enters for their billing address on the Luminate donation form does not update their address on their Luminate profile, and therefore does not sync to the plug-in in the Constituent Updates section.

If the transaction is bulk processed, the gift will process into batch, and no changes will be made to the Raiser's Edge or Luminate Online constituent record.  If the transaction is individually processed, a notification that there are billing address updates to be reviewed will pop-up, and the user can choose to accept or reject these updates.  If they are accepted, the Raiser's Edge record will be updated, which will then update the Luminate Online record.

For more information regarding this process, please see the RELO User Guide, starting on page 22.