Auto-download process for BBIS transactions not working

The auto-download process that downloads BBIS transactions automatically into a batch in CRM is not working even with it turned on. Transactions show under the Pending Transactions area as available to manually download.

This occurs when you do not designate a default batch assignment setting for the selected transaction type(s).  Auto-download functionality requires a default batch assignment be configured. 

To configure a default batch assignment:

  1. Access Web
  2. Select the "Batch Assignment Settings" tab
  3. Edit a Donation batch assignment setting. ("transaction type" field = "donation")
  4. Select the option "Mark as default for this transaction type" 
  5. Click "Save." 

Steps to Duplicate

1. In CRM, go to the Web tab
2. Click on Manage web transactions
3. Notice the auto-download process is turned on under Tasks
4. Go into BBIS and send any transaction into CRM using any BBIS part/form; a donation transaction for example
5. Go back into CRM > Web tab > Manage web transactions > and notice the transaction is waiting to be manually downloaded under Pending Transactions when it should have auto-downloaded into a batch.


 Blackbaud CRM
 4.0.173 Service Pack 13

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