Making a change to a group sales reservation changes the post date

While working in Altru after changing the quantity of a price type on a completed group sale reservation you may notice that the post date on the payment for the group sale reservation has adjusted to the date that the price type was changed
If you encounter this issue please chat with support and reference this article number

Steps to Duplicate

Create a Group sales reservation 
  1. Click Sales > Group sales > Add
  2. Add a patron to the reservation
  3. Select a program from the quick itinerary > add a visitor type as well as a quantity
  4. Make sure the reservation date is today(for testing purposes this allows us to check in immediately)
Check in Group
  1. Click Check in Group
  2. Make sure "Pay remaining balance when I click Check In" is marked
  3. Click Check In
  4. Add the payment for the reservation
Adjust the Visitor count 
  1. Click Sales > Group Sales
  2. Choose the reservation on the group sales calendar
  3. Click the arrow next to the name in the manage itineraries section > click edit
  4. Adjust the count of the visitor type > click save
Review the Post date on the order 
  1. Click Sales > order search
  2. Search for and select the order
  3. Click on the payments link
  4. Click on the GL distributions tab and review the post date


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