BBIS Email Message Reports show that all messages were both not sent and bounced.

When looking at the BBIS Email Report following Email Messges being sent out, you might notice that the report indicates that messages included in the "Sent" reports may show that they were undeliverable due to prior reports of spam from the recipient address.  
This occurs when the email address, or its controlling email domain, previously reported email as spam.    When an email is reported as spam, our email services block it at the server level to prevent further deliveries to the reporting address.  For more information on this system, reference our Email Services Documentation.  

There is no way currently to track spam complaints in the BBIS or CRM application.  To the application, the email was sent and blocked at the server level; thus it is accurate to include such addresses in counts of sent messages.   There is an idea currently filed to add tracking for this to CRM and BBIS.  To add your vote, access the link here:

Steps to Duplicate

1) Send an email message from BBIS
2) After the job is completed, view the report.
3) Notice that all the email messages show as being both not sent and bounced.


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