Unable to reverse ACH payment

When trying to reverse an ACH transaction the system does not allow the transaction to be deleted.
In Sphere, an ACH payment is only available for reversal 10 days after it is submitted. This is by designed as ACH transactions take longer to process and we do not want to reverse money back to the card holder before we process the transaction first.

Steps to Duplicate

To Reproduce:

1. Navigate to Communities > Forms > Single Step Donation > 
2. Hover over Big Partner > Click Bookkeeping > Manage Initiative Records
3. Search for Donna Bristol > Click Edit next the exact payment (8/1/2017)
4. Click Delete Record from Initiative tab
The Delete button is not clickable and there is a message saying ''An ACH payment is available for reversal 10 days after it is submitted.''


 Blackbaud Sphere

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