If you wish to sort codes in a unique order and/or without deleting existing entries, please follow the steps below:

1. While in the Classification table you are trying to rearrange (e.g. State), hover over the code > Click the pencil icon to edit
2. When the Classification window appears, it should allow you to edit the Code or Description > Type a '1' before the Description > Click 'OK'
3. Repeat this process, typing the next consecutive number in the code you want to appear listed next and so on
4. When you have numbered your codes, go to Actions > Sort
5. In the Sort screen, choose to sort by Description > Click 'OK' > Your codes will rearrange based on the number that precedes the Description
6. Once sorted, you may then remove the numbers from the Description field
You may also view the video created below for further clarity on this process: