When creating a batch based on a template in the Luminate Online plugin, default values do not load

In the the Luminate Online plug-in, users have the option to single-process transactions into a batch that is created based on a template.  While the default values do show in the default row of the bank, they do not populate in the fields below as the gifts are added from the plug-in.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime, users can apply the default values in the fields:
  1. Open the batch
  2. Click Tools > User Options > Batch tab > Default batch information
  3. Select the second radio option
  4. Click Apply, OK
  5. Navigate to the fields needing to be populated by either clicking or tabbing through to auto-insert the defaults

    Steps to Duplicate

    1. Log into the Raiser's Edge and select Luminate Online from the navigation bar
    2. Click Gifts & Registrations 
    3. Click Tools > Batch Options
    4. Select the 3rd Option: Create a new batch and use existing batch below for default fields and values
    5. Click the binoculars button to select your template, then click okay
    6. Click a transaction in the grid to check it out, review and link as needed
    7. Click Process
    8. A prompt appears stating a batch has been created - click Yes to Open
    9. The default value shows in the Default line, but is not populated in the line with the gift
    10. Subsequent gifts loaded into the batch created this way will also not have the defaults populate


     Raiser's Edge
     Luminate Online plug-in

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