Batches can be marked read-only depending on the workflow rules of a batch template.

Step #1: Check your workflow rules:
  1. Go to administration. 
  2. Go to Batch
  3. Click Batch entry. 
  4. Here you will see a list of your batches,  Look at the batch that is marked read-only and check the batch template. 
  5. User-added image
  6. From the taskbar select batch workflows
  7. User-added image
  8. Click the hyperlink for the name of the batch template you are using. 
  9. Check that one of the statuses has a checkbox to allow edits
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Step #2: Edit or Add a New Step:

To Edit an existing step:
  1. Click the expand button next to your step
  2. Click edit
  3. Check the box to allow edits

To Add a new step:
  1. Click Add 
  2. Name the new status
  3. Check the box to allow the batch to batch to be edited (you might also what to check the box to allow the batch to be committed in this status). 
  4. Click save.
  5. Click edit next to step 2: define the steps used to transition a batch from one status to another.
  6. Use the drop-down under from status to select the status that cannot be edit.
  7. Name the step
  8. Use the drop-down under to status to select the status that can be edited. 
  9. Hit save
  10. From the task menu click batch entry
  11. Hit expand next to your batch number.
  12. Click update status
  13. User-added image
  14. Use the drop-down for "next step" to select the step you added.
  15.  Assign the batch to the user who will make edits.
  16.  Click save.
  17.  Click the expand button next to your batch template and click edit.
  18. You should now be able to edit your batch.