Check in Check Export has ACH Account Number from Check Directly Above in the Report

When exporting check information from Accounts Payable for ACH payments to send to the bank, the ACH account number for the one check is being populated into the ACH-Account column for the row directly beneath it even though that record has no ACH information and is not related to the record above it. This does not seem to occur if the check with no ACH Account number on its record comes first in the report, only if it appears after another with ACH data in it, then the ACH Account number is pulled into that record erroneously.
This issue is addressed in the future release version 14.50.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Accounts Payable\Open Items
2. Find an item in question that needs to be paid and is an ACH payment
3. Click and open the record and click on Print Check
4. Enter in the Check date and number
5. Click on the box that says Show all Print Selections
6. In the Window that opens, for the ACH Payments drop down select ACH payments
7. Click OK
8. In the report window that opens click Export Check Info\Export on the top
9. Choose a file name and a location to save the document by clicking on the disk symbol
10. Select the export format
11. Click run report
12. Open the report in Excel since it is easier to see the coumns
13. Note, for example, on the 2nd check in the list the ACH Account Number
14. On the check immediately beneath it, see the same ACH Account Number for that check which is not correct since this is a different grantee\payee\vendor.




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