If you wish to add your new custom request field to your Write-Up, please take the following steps:

1. Open your Document Template Manager [Note: If you have not installed the Template Manager yet, from the GIFTS Online dashboard, go to Admin tab > Install Template Manager > follow the instructions provided and log in with your GIFTS Online credentials]
2. Once the Template Manager is open, click 'Write-Up' along the left side menu to bring up your Write-Up templates
3. Highlight the Write-Up template you wish to add the custom request field to by clicking it once
4. Click 'Open Merge Fields' at the top of the screen
5. Under 'Select available fields from:', be sure 'Request' is selected
6. Below that field is a list of available fields > Scroll until you locate your custom field > Once located, highlight the custom field and click 'Include>' to add the merge field to the available list > Click 'OK'
7. Double-click the template to open the template
8. If this is a Word Template, go to the Mailings tab > Insert Merge Field > Scroll down the list until you see the merge field and click it to add it to your template document
9. If this is an Email Template, click 'Insert Merge Fields' and double-click the merge field of your choice to add it to the email