Code or text in an Unformatted Text part or Style Sheet is not wrapping to a new line

When viewing or adding text or code to an Unformatted Text part or a Style Sheet in NetCommunity, you notice the text does not wrap. Instead, a string of text shows as one long line. You must scroll to view the entire line of text.
This issue was resolved in the latest version of Blackbaud NetCommunity. If this behavior is persistent, please confirm you’re on the latest version of NetCommunity.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log in to the NetCommunity website
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer>Parts
  3. Click the search tab
  4. Search for Part Type Unformatted Text
  5. Click the pencil icon to edit the part
  6. Add a long string of code or text
    • Note: it does not wrap
This also occurs under Site Explorer>Style Sheets.


 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 7.1 Service Pack 2 (

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