Error: Finder number Exception Error in Batch: Required field missing: Constituent" - When validating a Revenue batch created from a Marketing Effort Vendor list.

When attempting to validate a Revenue Batch created from a Direct Marketing Effort Vendor list the Batch does not validate all entries. Part of the Batch shows Exception Error: Required field missing: Constituent.
Should you encounter this issue please create a case and/or contact support

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Open Exception batch with Error: Required field missing: Constituent
  2. Highlight and Copy the Finder number
  3. Delete the Finder number
  4. Paste the Finder number back into the same cell
  5. Notice the Constituents name instantly populates in the Constituent column
  6. Click Validate
  7. Notice Constituent column goes blank again and Exception Error: Required field missing: Constituent appears again


 Blackbaud CRM
 4.0 SP 12

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