Constituent Update Batch end dating email address on exact match after manual review (no automatch)

We've discovered that the Constituent Update Batch is end dating email addresses on matches after manual review. 
To resolve this issue you can manually delete the end dates from batch or by not including the start date on the email address in batch. 

We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.


Steps to Duplicate

1.  Edit the Constituent Update Batch template and disable automatching
2.  Create a new constituent update batch
3.  Do not search for a constituent, just input the following

Mr.First Last Name 
123 Abc Drive, CITY, SC ZIP (Home) - add start date of today (Personal) - add start date of today
(111) 867-5309 (Home) - add start date of today

4.  Validate Addresses
5.  Validate 
6.  See duplicates. Confirm my record 7410. Should be a 100% match.  
7.  Save
8.  In the batch, note that it has added an end date of today to the email address you just entered.


 Blackbaud CRM

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