Tribute Acknowledgee Letter Type is not filled out when the acknowledgee is linked in the Luminate Online plug-in.

When processing a tribute gift from the Luminate Online plug-in, some users may notice that even if the Tribute Acknowledgement letter type is defined in the tribute record, when they link the acknowledgee and process the gifts into batch.

The RELO integration does not make any change to the Raiser's Edge table Letter on the Tribute record nor is the Acknowledgee Letter a mapped field in this integration. After processing RELO tribute gifts in RE batch users should expect no change to be made to the Letter table on the Tribute record. Any changes or updates to the gift record can be made directly in the gift batch after processing the transaction out of the RELO plugin.

Redefine the acknowledgee letter type in batch:
  1. Open the batch with the tribute gift
  2. Click the line that contains the gift to highlight it
  3. Select Gift > Tribute, or the Tribute button
  4. Double-click or select the tribute and click Open
  5. Select the correct Acknowledgement Letter type from the drop-down box
  6. Click Save and Close

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Set up an acknowledgee and define the letter type on at Tribute
  2. Link the Tribute record to an existing Honor/Memorial
  3. Process the gift into a Batch
  4. Open the Batch and review the gift - note that the letter type has not been populated


 Raiser's Edge
 Luminate Online plug-in

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