How do I create a custom sync mapping for FIMS-CRM?

I have a field in FIMS that I want to sync over to CRM however it's not one of the default fields that sync.  How do I get the sync to send this field to CRM?
First, You must create a field in CRM for this data to sync/populate to.  Once that is done, then follow these steps:
  1. In FIMS, Tools > System Utilities > FIMS CRM > FIMS CRM Sync Mapping
  2. Click the New button at the bottom
  3. Start in the FIMS section and first select the Table this field is in.  Note the FieldMaker tables are at the very bottom of the list.
  4. Then select the field from the drop down menu - this is the field in FIMS you want synced to CRM.  Note the Field in FIMS must be listed or it simply is not able to be synced.  There is no way to define/type in a field.  It must be available from the menu.
  5. Choose the Sync Direction, depending on the field you may have different options.
  6. Now the Salesforce section needs attention.  The Object should be auto populated for you by what FIMS table was defined.  You should not need to change this, leave it as is.
  7. Select the field if this is a field created by default in CRM, however if you created this CRM field (most likely) then you will need to check the "Type In Field Name" box.
  8. Then type in the API Name that the CRM field was assigned in Salesforce.
  9. Click the Save button.  Click Close.
This will now going forward push any new data into that field to CRM.  If this field in FIMS has existed for awhile and has existing data in it, then to get that existing data to push to CRM you need to do the following:
(Note: This can take a long time depending on the table marking for sync.  The Profile table for example takes the longest.)
  1. In FIMS, Tools > System Utilities > FIMS CRM > Mark FIMS Fields For Sync
  2. Select the table that this field is in.
  3. Un-check the "Use Date" checkbox if not greyed out.
  4. Click Apply.  Wait for a pop-up to say it's completed marking records (it'll give the number of records as well).
  5. Click Done.



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