Gift defaults for events are not applied to gifts from Online Express

Some users may notice that when they process event registrations from Online Express the default set that is supposed to be applied to gifts linked to the particular event is not applied to those gifts. For instructions on adding gift defaults for an event see: How to set default gift fields for an event.
The option for gift defaults only applies to gifts that are manually added in the Raiser's Edge. If you have Online Express gifts in batch, we can apply the event gift defaults by reselecting the event with these steps:
1. Process event registration into a batch.
2. Click on the row for that gift.
3. In the toolbar click Gift, Links, Event, Registration Fees.
4. See that the gift is linked to the event and click OK.
5. The defaults now populate onto the gift in batch.


We can also setup a batch default for gifts downloaded from Online Express. For these steps, see How to set up default fields for a batch when downloading transactions

Steps to Duplicate

1. Select Tools, Organize/Create Defaults from the shell.
2. Select Gifts and click New.
3. Select the defaults for gifts to this event.
4. Click Save and Close.
5. Open your event.
6. Select Event, Gift Defaults from the menu bar of the event record.
7. Select the default set you created and click OK. 
8. Create an Event Registration form in Online Express for the event that you added the gift defaults to.
9. Register for the event through Online Express.
10. Process the transaction in Online Express.
11. In the batch, see that none of the defaults were applied.
12. Commit the gift, and open the gift record and see that no defaults were applied.

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