If you're noticing the Membership information included by default is old or incorrect, it may be because your constituents have multiple membership records. You can edit the mailing so that Altru pulls the most recently added or updated membership information:
  1. Open a letter in your mailing.
    1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Appeal Mailings
    2. In the list, click the hyperlinked name of your mailing.
    3. Go to the Letters Tab and click Edit.
  2. Scroll down to Select recipient information to use to personalize your letter and beside Appeal mailing merge fields, click Edit.
  3. A screen will appear with all of the fields in your mailing in a column on the right. From this area, scroll down and highlight Member
    User-added image
  4. With Member highlighted, click the filter with pencil icon User-added image at the top of the Selected Fields area.
  5. The Export Criteria window will appear. In this window, choose the following options:
    1. Under Number to export, select the number of memberships you would like to view in the results. In this example, we will choose to export only 1 membership, so we will leave this at one:
      User-added image
    2. Under Sort, select which memberships you would want to export first. In this example, we want to see the most recently updated membership record, so we will choose Date changed in the drop down, then choose Descending for newest to oldest:
      User-added image
    3. Under Filter, you can choose which member records to include. We recommend eliminating any "dropped" members (members who were once members on a membership, but have since been removed). To do this, select Selected member, then drag Is dropped to Include records where. Set this to be equal to No:
      User-added image
    4. Click OK.
  6. Click Save and close.
  7. To finish the mailing, click Next and Finish and close in the following screens.
  8. If you are editing a mailing you have run previously, you will receive this message: "When you edit an activated mailing, it no longer appears in the history of its recipients.  To retain the mailing in recipients' history, copy the mailing and edit the new mailing as necessary.  Are you sure you want to edit the mailing?" This message is simply asking you if you'd like to clear the results of the mailing from the constituent records. Click Yes to proceed.
  9. Click Run Mailing to generate your new mailing list with the correct membership levels.