As of the November 2016 update, ConnectRE will use the Business/College Address and Currently Employed (Yes) from 'ON' to update the Primary Business information in Raiser's Edge.

Remember that the 'ON' database is your "database of record."
  • In the 'ON' database, you must use the Contact Card to indicate when constituents are currently employed (or self employed). Track the primary business address as the Business/College Address on the constituent's 'ON' record.
  • If you suspect there are constituents with primary business addresses in Raiser's Edge, but not in your 'ON' database, you'll need to add the addresses to your 'ON' database and use the Currently Employed status. To update records in bulk, use a Data Refresh.
  • Otherwise, if you have no address or employment in your 'ON' database, the integration will remove the primary business indicator from Raiser's Edge. The business address will remain in Raiser's Edge as a Relationship. If you also integrate Raiser’s Edge with Education Edge, phone contact information may be lost when the business is no longer marked as primary.
For more information on how data integrates with ConnectRE, see the Data Integration Guide for Connect Raiser's Edge