Validation Error : 'Credit card account' is required

With the introduction of the Credit Card Management system in The Financial Edge 7.87 patch 16, we can now setup credit cards and pay invoices with them. The validation error above is received when trying to import invoices into The Financial Edge when the payment method is set to credit card in the import file.

Currently invoices cannot be imported into The Financial Edge with a payment method of credit card. When we set the payment method to credit card and try to validate or import, we'll receive the error : 

Validation Error: 'Credit card account' is required. 

This error comes from how we process invoices being paid by credit card. When setting the payment method for an invoice as credit card manually on an invoice, we have to select which credit card account to use in order to save the invoice. The credit card account is setup on the Credit Card and represents the individual card used to pay for the invoice. In the import parameter for invoices, there is no field to map which specific credit card account to use and this is what leads us to the error. When the import tries to validate or import, The Financial Edge is looking for which credit card account to use on the invoice. Since it can't see the account to use in the file, the error is presented and the import or validation will fail.


 While the import function does not have all the fields we need now, we can add a suggestion or vote for an existing suggestion for this in our idea portal




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