If a supporter has raised funds on everydayhero for an organization that is not registered, the email below will be sent to the organization.  The organization will have 90 days to submit an application via https://nfp.everydayhero.com/signup to claim the charity profile before the donations will be refunded.  Organizations may contact Compliance@blackbaud.com with any questions or concerns regarding this process.

We’ve got great news! Supporters have started raising money and collecting donations for ORGANIZATION NAME on everydayhero, our crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising platform. 

If this is not your charity's name and EIN, please let us know. You're still welcome to sign-up with us, so any future donations, may be disbursed to your charity. To sign up, please enter your charity's name and EIN, when filling out the application.

Before you can begin receiving the funds raised on your behalf, there’s just a tiny bit of due diligence we need to exercise. We need you to confirm your organization’s details and checking account information, so that we can securely and directly deposit the funds raised by your wonderful supporters.

Because we take compliance and security very seriously, our policy is to refund all donations that have been made on your behalf after 90 days if we are unable to confirm your details, or if you elect to not accept the donations.
If you have any questions, feel free to reply to ask.
Thank you,
The team at everydayhero
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