Default sets apply to actual records in The Raiser's Edge. When using the Grouped Event Registration Wizard, the participant record is created by Wizard once all of the steps are complete. Therefore, the default set option is not available until all of the steps through Wizard are done.

A default set can be applied once the Wizard steps are completed and the participant record is created:
  1. Follow the steps in the Grouped Event Registration Wizard.
  2. On the final step, mark the option to Open the participant record to input more detail:
    final step of Grouped Registration Wizard
  3. Click Finish.
  4. The Participant record will open.
  5. Highlight the desired event on the left.
  6. To add a default set of values:
    • If the default set has not been "loaded" already, click on Participant in the top menu bar and select Load Default From... In the new window, highlight the desired default set, mark Load default values now in the lower left, and click OK. The default values will add.
    • Once the default values have been "loaded" (just has to be done the first time they're used and/or if the set needs to be changed), place the cursor in a field (like Participation) where the Shift + F2 Quick tip appears in the lower left. Then press Shift and F2 to apply the default set:  Participant record with Shift and F2 Quick Tip
  7. Click File > Save or Save and Close.