Not subject to FUTA is the only available option on employee tax settings tab

When editing the tax settings on an employee record, the FUTA tax setting usually has options for Subject to FUTA, not subject to FUTA and use settings assigned on pay type. In this case, the only option on the employee record is Not subject to FUTA in the drop down menu on the employee tax settings tab.
This option is affected by a business rule that displays or hides the FUTA tab in taxes.

1. In Payroll > Configuration > Business Rules > Highlight Tax Configuration
2. UNmark the option to Hide the FUTA tab in Configuration, federal tax tables
3. In Configuration > Tax Tables > open the federal tab
4. Select the FUTA tab and add the current FUTA tax rate
5. Save and close the tax table
6. It's now possible to select Subject to FUTA, Not subject to FUTA or use settings on employee pay types for the employee FUTA option on their Tax Settings tab.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Payroll > Records > Employees > Open Employee in question that used to have a different tax setting
2. Select the Tax settings tab
3. Notice that for FUTA - the only option is "Not Subject to FUTA"
4. Compensation / Deductions Tab - Employee has a Regular Salary pay type
5. Configuration > Paytypes > Open the regular salary pay type
6. Notice this is set to be Subject to FUTA
- Employee had previous calculations where it was set to follow the settings on the pay type
- Most recent calculation is not subject to FUTA

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