Unable to mark payment run unsuccessful for bank drafts

When creating payments in the bank, under print checks and record bank drafts, we have the ability to indicate that there was a problem with a payment run and unmark the successful box.  But when creating bank drafts, this box is not able to be selected as unsuccessful, regardless of user rights. 
 For bank drafts only, this box is not able to be unmarked when creating a payment run. A bank draft is a recording of an external payment and we are only recording it in the database so the invoice no longer shows as open. Should there be an issue with the bank draft, it can still be voided from the bank register, or under Administrative Tasks, in the bank.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a payment run in a bank with bank draft as the payment method.
2. When the confirmation window pulls up, see that the box for successful is marked, but is yellow instead of white.
3. Try to click it and see that we cannot edit this box. 

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