As of the June 2016 update, ConnectRE will run all records coming into the New people section of the plugin through matching criteria to search for potential duplicates.  If there is possible match, an alert message will appear, and the user should review the potential match to see if the two records should be linked.  
  1. Select the number of the section where the Duplicates found alert shows
  2. Select the update that has the alert symbol next to it
  3. Review the potential match:
    • If the two records are the same person, click the Link these records button
    • If they are different people, click Nope, this isn't the right person
  4. Once all potential matches have been reviewed and linked, click Process now
Note:  Clicking the Process now button before all potential duplicates are resolved will result in new records being created for each person in the section.

For more information about processing updates from ConnectRE, see the Connect Raiser's Edge Integration Guide