Please follow the steps below to successfully use the Raiser's Edge NXT Outlook application

1. Review the system requirements 

2. Log into Raiser's Edge NXT web view with a username that has Supervisor rights (Note: An admin only needs to do steps 1-4 onetime. Users do not need Supervisor rights to use the Outlook Add-in from there email).

3. Click on the Control Panel drop down menu and choose Applications

4. Under Available apps, look for Outlook and select connect to make the app active
*Note* by clicking connect you are activating the application and consenting to have it access your data.  Under Connected apps, you will now see this application

 Go to your Outlook application and go to Store. In the search area type in Blackbaud
Note: this is will need to be completed by each user

6. Select the NXT Add-in and click the button for off.  This will activate the add-in to On.  You should see the Blackbaud logo appear at the top right.
Note: you may need to close the Outlook application if the logo does not appear within a minute

7. To add an email as an action to a constituent record, choose the email and then click the Blackbaud logo
*Note* If the constituent record does not exist, you will need to add it in the database view before you can add the action

8. You will be prompted to enter in your web view credentials (sign in will only occur once) 

9. Choose which database you wish to Authorize connection to.

10. Begin adding actions

Please visit our help documentation to learn more about the Outlook add-in and what is available.