My appeal mailing is pulling in the individual and contact separately when I have selected "If contact is also an individual: Mail to individual only"

A constituent is showing twice in my appeal mailing list. I have the Organization tab of my Address Processing Options set to "If contact is also an individual: Mail to individual only". I can't figure out why this is still happening.
This issue has been resolved in version 4.99. All sites have been updated in February 2018. If you experience this error, please chat with support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create an Organization constituent and two Individual constituents to use as contacts. One of the contacts should be primary (Person B) and the other should be marked with a specific contact type (example: Development – Person A)
    1. On the Relationships tab of the Organization record, click Add Individual
    2. Enter one contact name in the Related Individual section
    3. Choose options in the relationships drop-downs
    4. Select the Employment and Contact Information tab and check Individual is a contact
    5. Enter a contact type, check Primary Contact and Save (Person B)
    6. Repeat steps 1 - 4 again for the second contact name
    7. Enter a specific contact type (example: Development - Person A)
  2. Create another Organization constituent and a new Individual constituent to assign as contact record on this new organization's Relationship tab (Person C).
  3. Add a Constituent Selection containing both of the organizations
    1. Go to Analysis > Information Library and click Add an ad-hoc query
    2. Drag Name from the middle column to Include Records Where
    3. Change "equal to" to "one of" and add the individual record that is non-primary contact from Organization #1 (Person A), and the individual record that is the contact from Organization #2 (Person C). Add Organization #1 and #2 as well and click OK.
    4. Select the Set Save Options tab and name the query
    5. Check "Create a selection?" and "Show this Selection in the Query Designer" and Save
  4. Go to Marketing and Communications > Appeal Mailings and click Add to add a new mailing.
    1. Complete the required fields (name, date sent, appeal)
    2. Under Address Processing Options, create a new Address Processing Options with the following settings:
      1. On the Individual Tab
        1. Check the box to “Use individual’s mail preferences, if specified"
        2. Under “Otherwise, use these addresses,” select the [Primary] address as the 1st choice and the Home address as the 2nd choice
        3. Check the box to “Use seasonal address, if available.”
        4. Under “If address is not found,” select Remove from results. 
      2. On the Organization Tab
        1. Check the box to “Use organization’s mail preferences, if specified.
        2. Under “Otherwise,” select to Mail to contacts at the organization. 
        3. Under Contact Type, list the contact type (for example: Development), then select [Primary Contact]
        4. Check the box to Mail to each contact found
        5. Under “If no contact is found,” select to Include in results with organization address.
        6. Under “If contact is also an individual", choose to Mail to individual only. 
      3. On the Households and Groups tab, leave the settings as default. Click Save. 
      4. Specify a Name Format Option 
      5. Choose to send one letter per household
      6. Click Next 
      7. On the Letters Tab, under “Selections of constituents that will receive this letter,” click Add and choose the selection you created in Step 3. 
      8. Under, “Exclude constituents based on the following,” remove all exclusions. 
      9. Under “What would you like Altru to do when you run this mailing?” choose to Export the Letter as a .CSV
      10. Click Next.
      11. Click Finish and Close.
  5. Run the mailing and view the results:
    1. Notice that Person A is included in the mailing as both an individual and as a contact for Organization #1. 
    2. Person B is included as a contact for Organization #1. 
    3. Person C is only included in the mailing as an individual, and Organization #2 does not appear in the mailing. 


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