CRM install- 'Activate product' failed StampDatabase

When rebuilding a environment you may see the process fail under the 'Activate the Product' step. This will reference the StampDatabase


Ignore the error. You never need to stamp a database during a re install. Always mark the 'Install without credentials' checkbox when installing/re-installing an environment

Steps to Duplicate

When building environments. remove the environment via Add/Remove Programs, then refreshed the database from production.
Then run the installer. The 'Activate the product' step may fail - mentioned a failure running Stamp Database. 
You will then run the AppFx Config Manager and run StampDatabase. It is failing with:

Building with tools version "4.0".
Using "StampDatabase" task from assembly "XXXXX".
The request failed with HTTP status 503: Service Unavailable.
Process failed.

The environment is up and should be able to log into it - but StampDatabase will not run successfully


 Blackbaud CRM

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