Project Income and Expenses with balances shows incorrect starting balance for projects

The Analysis Dashboard Project Income and Expenses with balances can be used to see the balances and activity of projects over a time frame. But some projects that have had their balances zeroed out through activity, instead of showing the balance as 0, lists the original beginning balance for the project.
We are currently investigating this issue and will update this article.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log in to FENXT, Analysis, and run the project income and expenses with balances dashboard.
  2. Note a project that has had it's balance reduced to 0, and locate it on the dashboard.
  3. See it's balance and that it does not match the 0 beginning balance. Click on the project to drill down into it. 
  4. Go back in it's activity to see that the amount showing is the original beginning balance.


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