You can build a Constituents Query to find everyone with a birthday during a certain month with these steps:
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click Add an Ad-hoc Query
  3. In the Select a Source View window, highlight Constituents and click OK.
  4. A new ad-hoc query screen will appear. In the middle column, drag Birth date to Include records where.
  5. When the Apply Criteria window pops, select the month you'd like to see from the drop down. You can also choose "This month (any year)," "Next month (any year)," or "Last month (any year)." In this example, we are looking for all constituents that have a birth date in January:
    User-added image
  6. Click OK.
  7. Next, you can add fields to Results fields to display to view information about these records. For example, you could add: Email Addresses\Email Address. Tip: If you'd like to only see one email address for each constituent, see our related solution here: I need to include one email address or one phone number in query output
  8. On the Set Save Options tab, name your query.
  9. (Optional) If you would like to use this query in an Appeal Mailing to send an email through Altru to these constituents, also check the box to Create a selection. For more information on how to run a mailing process, see our related solution: How to run an Appeal Mailing (includes video demo)
    User-added image
  10. Click Save and close.