This issue will occur when the email entered for password recovery does not exist in Altru. To see which email is associated with your username in Altru, have someone with the system role administrator role follow these steps:
  1. Log into Altru.
  2. Click Administration > Security
  3. Click Application Users > Find your username in the list
  4. Look for the email address associated with the username
  5. If an email address is present, have the user use that email address to reset their password
  6. If there is not an email address showing for the user OR if the email address is not a valid email address, click the drop-down next to the username and click Send Invitation
  7. Enter the email address and Save.  If the user already has a account, it is best to use the same email that was used on
  8. This will send the user an email invitation to join  Open the email and click the link to Confirm Account. If they already have a account, they can sign into their existing account.  Then log into Altru.  There will be no link accounts process, as the email address in Altru will now match the email address on