When first implementing RE: NXT web view, the Opportunity Status will default to be last updated by 'Blackbaud Processing' with the date NXT was enabled:
Opportunity Status

This will be updated as the opportunity's status is updated by users.  Users may wish to update this current status by:
1. Open the Opportunity record in web view
2. Click to Show status history
3. Next to the current status, select the menu option on the left (the three dots)
4. Click Edit Status
5. Update the date/status as needed
6. Click Save

To add a new Status:
1. Open the Opportunity in web view
2. Select Change Status
3. Update the Status drop-down and adjust the date as needed
4. Enter Comments (optional)
5. Click Save

The new status and date will determine the length of the previous status on the opportunity record.  The status in database view will update accordingly, but will not display the status history.  For additional information, see Opportunity Status: Web view or Database view.