The setting in Connect Raiser's Edge that allows only one record to be created for a pair of spouses does not make exceptions.  So for example, if the setting in Connect Raiser's Edge is to create a constituent record for males, then if there is a female-led household in Raiser's Edge, ConnectRE will promote the male spouse from a non-constituent relationship to a full constituent.  

Core (the ON Products) does not have non-constituent records, so since Core is the database of record for this integration, ConnectRE will try to match one-for-one.  The gender-based setting in ConnectRE is an attempt to accommodate Raiser's Edge databases that only track giving by household versus by individual constituent.  Blackbaud recommends allowing both spouses to be created as independent constituent records, since that most closely mirrors the Core database.  However, if users choose to use the setting to only add one person in the couple as a constituent, they should select the gender that matches the majority of their heads of households, and understand that for any exceptions, a spouse record will be promoted, and should not be reverted back to a non-constituent relationship, as every time there is an update to the Core record, it will attempt to promote the record to full constituent again.  

For more information see the Connect Raiser's Edge Users Guide