1. From an open message, click Conditional content on the Insert tab in the toolbar. The Conditional Content screen appears.
  2. Enter a name for the conditional content block and click OK. You return to the message and the new conditional content block appears in the message.
  3. The conditional content block includes a default condition automatically. The default content appears for any recipients not included in a condition specified for the block. You can leave the default condition blank or click Edit to access the Enter the default content screen.
  4. Use the HTML editor to add text, merge fields, and images for the default content. Warning: Blackbaud recommends that you use inline styles, such as <div style=”backgroundcolor:Blue;”>Welcome color</div>, when you create and design the email content. Do not define classes or use external references because email vendors, such as Gmail or Outlook, are not guaranteed to render the styles correctly when the recipient reads the email.
  5. Click OK and you return to the message. If you added content to the default, it is now labeled with a brief preview of the text included in the condition.
  6. To add the first condition, click Add condition. The Conditional Content screen appears.
  7. To define the condition based on a query, select Query and click Change. The Query Search screen appears so you can select a query. To define the condition based on an email list, select List and click Change. The Select Lists screen appears so you can select a list.
  8. Enter the content for this condition.
  9. Click OK. You return to the message and the new condition appears in the conditional content box. The condition is labeled with the selected query or list and contains a brief preview of the text entered.
  10. Continue to add conditions to the block as needed.
  11. To edit a condition, click Edit.
  12. To move a condition, click the up or down arrow.
  13. To delete a condition, click Remove.
  14. To preview each version of the message, click Conditional content preview on the View tab in the toolbar. The View Message screen appears. For more information about how to preview content, see Preview Conditional Content on page 28. Click Close to return to the message.
  15. Click Save. If you have created a message or newsletter, you can send the message to recipients. After you send the message, the Conditional Content tab in the Message Report displays statistics about how each condition in the message performed. The report includes the number of recipients that received the condition, the number who opened the email, the number of click-throughs, the number of conversions (transactions), and the total gift amounts