Unable to edit Saved Query

In Sphere, you can run and save a query which can be edited at a later date. In some cases the system does not allow you to edit the query.
This is a browser issue. You will mostly experience this behavior when using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for Sphere users and the only browser that is compatible with Sphere.
Please go ahead and switch to Internet Explorer.

An alternative solution would be to search for the saved query first. By searching for a specific saved query, you will eliminate other saved queries from appearing on the screen. From here you can select to edit the only saved query on the list.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Control Query
Note: All the saved query should be listed
2. Hover over the query you want to edit
3. Click Edit Query
Result: The option to edit the saved query automatically appears on the top of the list. If you click to edit the query, the system ended up allowing you to edit a different query


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