To assign Reviewers once an Application is considered, you would need to set up Review Rules. To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. From your GIFTS Online dashboard, go to Admin tab > Reviews
2. From the pop-up window that appears, click 'Online Applications: Review Rules'
3. From the Actions tab at top right, click 'Add Review Rule'
4. On the 'Review Rule (new)' page, you must set the following parameters:
-Rule Name
-Criteria (here is where you can set up a series of filters that will match the Review to the resulting Request. For example, if there is a specific status you will be assigning the applications that you want Reviews to assign to, you would set up that filter in this Criteria field)
-Reviewers (here is where you can add specific Reviewers or Committees that will be assigned the Review)
5. Once finished setting the Rule, you may click 'Save and Close'
6. Back at the GIFTS Online dashboard, go to Launch tab > Applications
7. From the Online Applications and Reporting pop-up window, click 'Forms Manager'
8. From the list of either Active or Inactive forms, you may highlight a form and go to Actions > Apply Review Rules
9. From here, you can fill in the checkbox for your newly created Rule, which will then apply to the form