To delete Ad Hoc reports, please take the following steps:

1. From the GIFTS Online dashboard, go to Launch > Report Manager
2. In the Report Manager, search for the Ad Hoc report you wish to delete
3. Fill in the checkbox that corresponds to the Ad Hoc report > go to Actions tab > click 'Delete'
4. You will receive a prompt asking you to delete > Click Yes to confirm
5. Another prompt appears reporting successful deletion

If these steps do not work or if you are missing the Delete option, it is possible that a) you do not have sufficient privilegest to delete Reports or b) the Report in question is a remnant of legacy data from your migration to GIFTS Online and may only be deleted by a member of Blackbaud Customer Support. If you suspect the latter, please contact Blackbaud Customer Support at 877-704-3343 between Monday and Friday, 8:30am-8:00pm EST or create a case through Case Central so we can further assist you.