To allow Middle School transfer grades to be included in the GPA calculation as well as display Middle School Transfer grades to appear on a Transcript, follow these steps:
  1. Academics > Grades > Grade Calculations
  2. Calculations
  3. Edit into the Correct GPA Calculation
  4. Under School Years tab, add the Middle School Level to the needed year
  5. Mark the box to include transfer grades
  6. Under Grade Plans expand that years Middle School 1st and 2nd Semester
  7. Select to Include term transfer grades
  8. Save & Close
You will need to make sure that these columns are included in your transcripts under the Transfer Grades for those years also which can be found in the article Transfer grades appearing missing on Transcripts. Going forward since the middle school students will be enrolled in high school classes they will show up through the grade plan and will not need to be added this way so no other middle school courses will show up.