This can be accomplished by changing the file extension of a webcal feed when downloading or running a Report.

To Export to Excel navigate to:
  1. Faculty/Parent Persona > Calendar
  2. Click the RSS Feed button in the upper right of the calendar
  3. Find the calendar or individual filter feed that you want to export, right-click the link for that feed, and select Copy Link Address
  4. Open a new tab or window for you browser and paste that feed URL into the URL bar, removing the "webcal://" text at the beginning
  5. When you press Enter on your keyboard, a window will open prompting you to download the file. From the Save as type drop down, select All Files, and at the end of the file name, add ".xls"
Note: the extension ".csv", can be used but is not recommended due to potential formatting issues.

To Export your Event Categories in a Report, navigate to:
  1. Analysis > Reports or Faculty > Reports > View All
  2. Select Category: Calendar -- Calendar
  3. To the right of Event Category Item Export, click Run
  4. Select the Event Category from the drop down and set the Start Date and End Date
  5. Click Generate Report
  6. Click Export Data to Excel