A query can be created to find the registrations, but first you must take a closer look at the DIY form to determine how the registration entries are tracked in eTapestry, which will inform how to build the query.

A. First, open the form and view the Fund, Campaign and Approach values attached to it:
  1. Click Management in the menu
  2. Click DIY Forms
  3. Click Edit next to your event registration form
  4. Click the Settings button in the upper left hand corner
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings window. Make a note of what is currently selected for the Fund, Campaign and Approach fields. It's likely that one of these fields will track the specific event the registration form is for, which is the field you can query on in the next step. In the screenshot below, the Approach field is the field to query on as it is tracking the specific event (Gala 2017):
Fund, Campaign and Approach Fields Under Settings
B. Once you have determined which field you'll need to query on (Fund, Campaign or Approach), you can create the query to find registrations through the form:
  1. Click Queries in the menu
  2. Click Manage Queries
  3. Click on a category to store the query under (ex: Base)
  4. Click New Query under Tasks
  5. Give the query a name “Event Registrations Through DIY Form”
  6. Set the Starting Query to Base>All Constituents
  7. Set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
  8. Select Commonly Used Fields in the Browse Fields section and click on the Funds, Campaigns or Approaches field, depending on which field you need to query on (determined in Step A)
  9. Check off the box next to the value that tracks the event
  10. Select Journal in the Browse Fields section and click on Transaction Processor Vehicle
  11. Check off ‘eCommerce Page’
  12. Click Save And Preview
  13. Click the Choose Columns button at the top of the page
  14. Check off the box next to any additional field you’d like to include (ex: your ticket quantity fields)
  15. Click Apply Changes