In the settings for the everydayhero plugin, users can set matching criteria based on the following fields:
  • Email address
  • Last/Org name
  • First name
  • ZIP
For each field that is marked, the integration will look for an exact match in the Raiser's Edge, and if no match is found, it will create a new constituent record with the information provided by the everydayhero transaction.  If more than one field is marked, then all fields must match or the match will be rejected.  Users should check their matching criteria, and if they are finding that many are failing because one of the fields (e.g. ZIP codes entered by the donor do not have a 4-digit extension, but the RE record does), then they should not include that field in their matching criteria.  

Because the criteria used for matching is limited to only those four fields, some duplicates may still occur, and the user should review for duplicates and merge them after importing from everydayhero.

For more information about this integration, please see The Raiser's Edge and everydayhero Integration Guide