Prior to the Blackbaud Data Warehouse refresh, there is a HTTP call in the log. What is it for?

Users may find, after reviewing their environment's Blackbaud Data Warehouse ETL Refresh Log, that there is an HTTP call prior to the refresh starting similar to this:
Sending HTTP request to url.
Url: HTTP://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/BBAPPFX/olap/EtlHelp.ashx?mode=beforeq&dataMartId=(DataMart GUID)&DatabaseName=(DBName)=en-US&Culture=en-US

This HTTP call is caused by the  ADAuthenticator Plugin. Additional information can be found on page 100 of the CRM Install Guide here. The following settings in the web.config file will be the target of the HTTP call to EtlHelp.ashx :
<location path="olap/EtlHelp.ashx">
				<windowsAuthentication enabled="true" authPersistSingleRequest="false" />
				<basicAuthentication enabled="true" />



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