To fully transfer TeamRaiser or calendar event registrations and donations from Luminate Online into The Raiser's Edge, you must configure cross references for each event. Just as you cross referenced your campaigns, funds, and appeals in Luminate Online to corresponding campaigns, funds, and appeals, you must match your TeamRaiser events with events in The Raiser's Edge. From the TeamRaiser configuration page in Luminate Online, you configure event cross references. Without the event cross reference configured, transactions will appear as gift donation with no event linking.

When the Luminate event form is correctly cross referenced, transactions will appear in the RELO plugin linked to the Raiser's Edge event record and carry additional event information such as Luminate survey questions, team names, and participation types for example. Note that not all event information syncs to Raiser's Edge, refer to the RELO user guide for details.

Users should also note event transactions may separate into multiple transactions depending on the transaction type. For example, a donor in Luminate who purchases a $15 registration, a $10 additional donation, and a $10 upsell in one credit card transaction will download into Raiser's Edge in multiple transactions. When the transaction downloads into RELO, users will note the event linking appears with the breakdown of each transaction type. When the transaction is processed out of the plugin and into Raiser's Edger batch and on the donor record, the $35 transaction is separated into two gift records. Registration fees will appear on their own gift record on the donor's gift tab and appear on the event record. Additional donations and upsells are bundled together and will appear on their own gift record. In this example, the Raiser's Edge donor record will show two separate transactions on the same date: one gift record for $15 to denote the registration fees, and one gift record for $20 dollars denoting the additional donation and upsell.