Invoice Date on Voucher Changes when Payee ID is Changed

When opening a voucher in AP Open Items and changing the Payee to a school, the due\invoice date changes from the original date to the date of a previous voucher. This occurs when using the Grant module to pay scholarships for clients who do not have the Scholarship module and create scholarships via the grant module. When changing the Payee directly in the grant module, this issue does not occur.
This is resolved in FIMS 14.50.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  To go the grant module and create and post new applications using the student's profile ID, for the grantee contact and the payee
2. Go to AP\Open Items
2. Open the 1st voucher in question
3. Change the Payee to the appropriate school that the student will be attending and save. Note that in this first voucher the invoice date does not change.
4. Now go back to AP\Open items and open the 2nd voucher that has a student has the payee
5. Change the Payee to the school and save.
6. Note that on this 2nd voucher that the due date has changed to be the due date\invoice date of the 1st voucher that has changed.



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