Recurring gift from Luminate Online does not generate payment gift record.

When integrated with Luminate Online, recurring gifts can be automatically processed and then transferred to The Raiser’s Edge via the Luminate Online plug in. In the Luminate Online program, Recurring Gifts (also known as Sustaining Gifts) are automatically processed for payments when the payments are due (be that once a month, quarterly, etc). All payments will be added automatically in Luminate Online and the donor’s credit card/bank account will be charged. These payments will then flow down into The Raiser’s Edge via the Luminate Online plug in.

However, some users may notice that when they process the initial recurring gift into batch, and then commit the batch, the recurring gift record creates, but a recurring gift pay-cash gift does not, and an exception batch is generated for the recurring gift, even if there are no exceptions when the batch is validated.  All subsequent payments commit correctly.
This behavior can occur when there are user-defined fields marked as required for gift records.

Alternate workaround
User can use the exception batch created to generate the recurring gift pay-cash gift by doing the following steps:
  1. Open the exception batch created
  2. Change the Gift type field from recurring gift to Cash
  3. Select Gift > Apply To > Recurring Gift
  4. Mark the checkbox for the Recurring gift record that was just created
  5. Click OK
  6. Validate and Commit the batch

    Steps to Duplicate

    1. Process the recurring gift transactions from the RELO plugin into a batch
    2. Validate the batch, and see there are no exceptions
    3. Commit the batch - an exception batch is generated
    4. View the constituent's record and see the recurring gift has been created, but the recurring gift pay-cash has not
    5. Open the exception batch - the recurring gift has been reloaded


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