RELO users will notice that the acceptable formats for configuring receipts in Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online are different. Considering donation transactions sync one way (from Luminate Online into Raiser's Edge) users should consider the limitations with Raiser's Edge receipt formats allowed. Luminate receipts that exceed the Raiser's Edge format limitations may sync to the RELO plugin with a Receipt status of Not Receipted, no receipt number, no receipt stack, or the receipt number may be truncated.

The largest number the Raiser's Edge receipt number field can accommodate is 2147483647. Any value exceeding that number will flag the transaction as Not Receipted and strip the receipt number and receipt stack data from the transaction in the RELO plugin. Additionaly, the Luminate Receipt Manager allows users to configure prefix and suffix values that may contain letters or special characters, these characters will be stripped from the value via the RELO plugin to ensure the Raiser's Edge receipt field contains only numeric values.

Canadian RELO users should also consider the use of receipt stacks with the integration. In Luminate Online the name of the receipt template you create maps to the receipt stack field in Raiser's Edge. Creating new templates in Luminate Online will prompt the creation of a new stack in Raiser's Edge.